When you buy a domain name for your UK Amazon Affiliate website, you will also need to buy hosting. This is one of the costs associated with running any type of website. On average this will cost about £5 per month. It does depend on what type of hosting you actually want, and how much you are willing to spend.

​I mentioned in the section about buying a domain name, that you can do that at websites like Namecheap and GoDaddy. You can also get your hosting from those websites as well. In most cases, it is easier to keep your domain and hosting with the one company. It makes linking the domain name to the hosting service, a very simple thing to do.

You can buy your domain name from one company, and your hosting from a different company. If you do that though, you then have to point the name servers of the domain, to the hosting account.​ Now if this sounds complicated, in truth, it is actually quite simple. The bigger decision you will have to make is, whether to buy from different places, or buy from one single supplier.

My Recommendation on Hosting​

I can not begin to tell you how much time I spent (wasted) reading countless reviews of the many hosting options available. There are quite literally hundreds of hosting providers in the UK, and many more throughout the world.

Starting out, you do not have to trouble yourself, with all of this research. I would recommend keeping this as simple as you can. Personally I buy my domain names at GoDaddy and also have my hosting there. You may well ask, why did I make that choice, so allow me to explain.

hosting websites at Godaddy

In the past I have had 4 different hosting providers. There will be times when something may go slightly wrong. It does not happen often, but it does happen on rare occurrences. ​When it does, all you want to be able to do, is pick up the phone, talk to a real person, and get the problem fixed.

The ONLY web hosting company, I could find to do that, was GoDaddy. They have a local UK phone number, really helpful staff and they get things dealt with quickly. All of the other hosting companies I had been with, either had USA phone numbers, or more commonly, web chats.​ Those were expensive to call, and in my opinion, web chats are a frustrating and complete waste of time.

Which Type of Hosting to Buy?​

There are many different types of hosting available. When starting out, they most important thing for most people is always going to be cost. This is normally a monthly cost. You can get special deals if you are willing to pay a year in advance, or take the hosting out for a minimum term such as 3 years or 5 years.​

Many new affiliate marketers are very wary of doing that. Most are not sure that this whole affiliate marketing thing will work​. I was certainly like that myself starting out, and I was very reluctant to spend any large sums of money.

When you first begin as an affiliate marketer, you certainly get the sense that everything is going to cost you money. The sense is that you are working hard, buying stuff and getting absolutely nothing back. It is really easy to see why most people either never make a start, or give up when they see no return on their investment.

If you plan on building a quality UK Amazon Affiliate website, then you will need to buy a domain name, and you will need hosting. Those are expenses, and they are not optional expenses. If you don't have those, then you do not have a business.

Knowing the Hosting Considerations

Now that we know that hosting is a necessity, which type should you buy? Starting out, you will most likely focus exclusively on building one website. That is certainly what I would highly recommend. At some stage down the way, you may want to build another, or perhaps even a few. Rather than chop and change hosting accounts, I would recommend buying a shared account. With one of those, you can add any number of websites.

The price difference between a shared account for one website, and one for multiple websites is insignificant.​ Typically the cost for this type of shared hosting with GoDaddy is around £4.50-5 a month. That is not expensive and allows you to start your affiliate marketing career.

Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting

Wordpress content management system

GoDaddy also offer a "Wordpress Hosting" option. I have not covered this yet, so allow me to briefly explain what this is. When you come to build your website, you need some type of content management system. Once again there are lots of website builders. The choice of many affiliate marketers is to use WordPress as that content management system. There are many other options, but WordPress is FREE, and it is also extremely good.

With GoDaddy shared hosting, you have to go into their control panel and set up WordPress. This is a technical thing to do, but again not that difficult. That is what I do and it is very simple. With the WordPress Hosting option on GoDaddy, this is done with one click of a button, and they constantly keep it updated.

That makes it fast, convenient and maintenance free. It is however more expensive and will cost about £11 a month. That is twice as expensive as the shared option. So it depends on how technical you are, and how much you are prepared to pay.​

I would recommend the shared hosting option for multiple websites. Installing WordPress is easy to do, and when starting out, it keeps your costs low.

Hosting Your Website in the UK

There is a lot of chit chat with Affiliate Marketers about whether you should host your website, in the country that you are marketing to. Many marketers argue that the search engines, and mainly Google, will rank your website higher if you do this.

I have NEVER seen any evidence that would prove or disprove that theory. ​It does however make sense to me, that if you are building an Amazon Affiliate website for UK visitors, that it should have a .co.uk domain name, and also be hosted in the UK. Do you have to do that? No, not at all, but for me it makes a great deal of common sense.

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