Setting Up & Planning a UK Amazon Affiliate Website

This element is something I see no experts recommending. Setting up a UK Amazon Affiliate website is in my opinion, VITALLY important. Planning anything is a very important thing to do. With a large website planning is especially important.

With any plan, it is much easier if you start out with something solid and reliable. That way, you don't miss out anything, and you will always have something to do, that is constructive and positive.

With any website, you need to have articles. Typically they can be either a post or a page. You need to know what those pages are, what content you are going to write, and how you are going to create easy navigation on your website.​ Many, in fact the majority of people new to Amazon Affiliate marketing, leave out this important step.

Let me tell you what happens when they do that. I know this because I have been guilty of it myself. Assume for a minute that you have written 30 articles of content. You have also written out your main pages. All of that has been published onto the site.​

  • How did you figure out which categories do use?
  • Do you have all the required pages on the site?
  • How many internal and external links do you have?
  • Have you images on every article?
  • Have you videos on your articles?
  • How many words are on your articles?

Making a UK Amazon Affiliate Website Plan

The good news is that this is not a difficult thing to do. There are of course a few different ways of setting up any type of website. For affiliate style websites, I prefer to stick to a method that I know to work really well. In essence your website will be made up of three types of content. These are:

  • Basic core pages, like the Homepage, About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Affiliate Disclosure. There will also be some type of blog or new's page
  • Product Review posts which will sit inside categories
  • Informational posts and articles that will also sit inside categories.

A website constructed and planned out using the above method works really well. It is a method I suggest that you follow, to achieve solid results.

So far I have explained about picking a niche. ​I have also covered off how to pick a domain name and how to buy it. This is now the stage when you sketch out a basic structure to your website.

UK Amazon Affiliate Website Structure

You will have your core pages as described above. You just need to write those down somewhere. For this I prefer to use Google spreadsheets as this is a free tool.​ Many people use Excel which also works well. For me it is free to use the Google documents, and they are available anywhere you can get online. All you need is a free gmail account from Google.

There is also nothing wrong with getting a paper and pen and simply making a list of these. So whatever method you pick, then simply list out the core pages, that I have shown above. We will come back to those later.

Product Reviews

​When picking your niche I mentioned the importance of having plenty of Amazon products to write about. These are the pages where you will really make your money from. That is why it is essential to ensure, that there are lots of products available. They should of course have a value of over £20, and be getting at least 4+ star reviews.

The next stage in your plan is to write all those down as well. Start with at least 20 products and write down all their names.  It is also a good idea to make a note of their ASIN number. That will help quickly find them again on Amazon.

Informational Articles

Ideally there should also be some non-affiliate style articles on your Amazon website. These are helpful informational articles. They include articles such as buying guides, and "How to" style of articles. You will want to find at least 10 of these types of articles.​

List Out Your Categories

So now you have your core page list. Pages on your website do not need categories.

Your product review articles and your informational articles will be written as "posts." For now don't worry about what that term means. The important thing to note is that these articles need to be placed into categories.​

Summary & Conclusion of Amazon Affiliate Website Structure

This is all about gathering all of your information together and having it in one place. With small websites that have 30-50 pages or articles, this may not seem that important. However, as your website starts to grow, then it is vitally important, to keep things well structured and organised.

That is not just for your own peace of mind, but it also helps provide a much better experience for your visitor. If you have everything in the correct categories, then it makes more sense to your visitors, and to the search engines.

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I am an Amazon Affiliate and understand the importance of having converting content on my own websites. When I write my PLR product reviews this is what I have at the front of my mind. High quality content that converts.