How to Pick an Amazon Affiliate Niche?

This is where it all starts, and for many new people to Amazon Affiliate marketing, this can often be the point where it all ends as well. People new to this method of making money online are usually advised to pick a good niche when starting to build their website. The question that is often left unanswered is this one. What makes a good niche?

​What Makes a Good Amazon Affiliate Niche?

Many people will know what a niche is but just to be clear a niche is simply a part of a market. If you decide to make a website about golf, then golf is the market and within that there are a number of smaller niches such as gold clubs, golf attire, golf trolleys etc.

Often within a niche there are even smaller niches such as left handed gold clubs, best golf clubs for beginners or best putters. So how do you know which one to pick or even where to get started?

​How to get Started?

You make money as an Amazon Affiliate by one method only. Here is that single method. A visitor comes to your website and reads something on it. If they click on your affiliate link, go to Amazon and buy something, then you can earn a commission.

To ensure that happens you have to think about a number of elements to this equation.​ I like to think of them as follows:

  • They have to find your website​
  • They have to read some or all of your article
  • They have to click on an affiliate link
  • They have to buy that product or some type of product

So for me the most important thing is the article that you have written, how well that article converts and how good the product is that you are recommending. Let me explain that in a slightly different way as I find that can often make more sense.

How I Buy a Product at Amazon?​

Let's say I decide to buy a socket set to use for work around the house. I want a socket set that will do the job for me, is good quality and is also good value for money. Therefore I do some research on Google to find out which one is the best. I might type in something like "best socket set for home use" or something similar.​

I then look at the first few results on Google and decide which one of those websites best answers my question by reading the Title and the description.​ I tend to ignore the Google shopping adverts and all adverts. Here is what I find:


So which one of these websites would I pick to find out more? It is interesting because I want to know what is the best one for general home use, and the one that comes closest to answering that is the autoexpress one though that sounds more suitable for a car or garage. 

I clicked on the top three and the first website was covered in adverts so I clicked away from that, the second website ​was useful and the third one was as well.

Now the reason that I bring this up is to explain what searchers go through to find out information. So when you decide to build an Amazon Affiliate website, it is vital to remember this process. As a searcher I want to find useful, helpful and very informative information about the exact thing that I am looking for.

Here is what the article on your website should do:

  • Have a Title that instantly makes me want to click​
  • Have a description (snippet) that helps confirm this is the right information for me
  • Have a great article that really helps me out
  • Have links on there that go to Amazon so as I can buy

What Underpins this Strategy?

Number one thing is to be able to rank your website in the top 5 on Google (or at least on the first page) otherwise your website will never be looked at.​ Then you need great titles and descriptions for your articles based on keyword research. Then you need the highest quality article that you can write and inside that article there needs to be links to either Amazon or to more detailed reviews within your website.

Lots & lots of Amazon Products That Sell

When considering which niche to pick, you must be certain that there are lots of Amazon products to recommend to your visitors. There needs to be a wide range of products, they need to be selling regularly, have a decent value of at least £20. They must also be getting lots of positive reviews.​

So Which Amazon Niche Should You Pick?

The answer is simpler than you may think. Pick a niche that you know something about. There are many reasons to do that as I will show below. However, the niche that you pick must have a whole range of Amazon products that sell really well.

You may well have great knowledge about say, "the history of the USA."​ Other than books you will find little else that sells as a product on Amazon. Therefore a website based around that topic might be fun to write but it will never earn you a lot of money.

Think Hobbies

I always find this a really good place to start. If you have a hobby that you enjoy, and there are associated Amazon products, then this really is the perfect niche for you. It really is as simple as that and please don't think it is any more complicated than that. Let me give you a few examples of how this works.

Hobby = DIY - It would be easy to write articles about your DIY activities and then show the products that you like to use. For example say you were showing someone how to drill through a wall. You could write a great article about that and include a drill and masonry bits to do the job.​

Hobby = Gardening - I would narrow this down perhaps to green house gardening, vegetable gardening or growing fruit.​ Then say you wrote an article on how to clean your greenhouse, you could include Amazon products such as greenhouses, greenhouse cleaners , hoses etc

I could give thousands of examples here to demonstrate how easy this is to do.

Why Pick An Amazon Niche You Like?​

​The simple answer is that it will keep you interested. Say for example you picked a niche that you knew nothing about. I will use the example of camping equipment. Before you can write any content you have to research that niche, figure out what people use, understand their mindset and get a very good understanding. That can take days and sometimes weeks to do.

After that you have to write articles in a niche you know nothing about. You also have to write product reviews in a niche you know little or nothing about. Not only is that a hard thing to do, but it is dreadfully boring. Most people simply give up as they have no genuine interest in what they are writing about.​

On the other hand let's assume you love or at least have knowledge in your niche. The amount of time spent researching is vastly reduced. Writing articles is easier and your knowledge shines through. You already know what people in your niche are looking for. I can assure you life gets a great deal easier.

The secret to any profitable Amazon Affiliate website is to give your visitors the best information possible. You don't need to sell them anything.​ If you know about something and can speak with some level of expertise, then people quickly pick up on that, and most importantly you build trust.

Forget About Being the Expert​

I hear so many people saying I am not an expert in any niche. You don't have to be an expert, but you do have to be honest. I love power tools and especially drills. (Strange but true) Am I an expert on how they work or are made. Absolutely not. However I do know how to use them, and I know what to use them for. I know the different types of drill bits, the accessories and how they should be used.


The important thing is to start building your website. No website or no content and you make no money. When starting out pick a niche that you have knowledge about and/or really like. Make sure there are a variety of Amazon products that sell well.

Use the simple checklist below to be 100% certain that you have picked the right niche.​

  • Try if possible to pick a niche that you either really like, or at least understand
  • Does that niche have a wide variety of Amazon Products for sale?
  • Do those products sell regularly, with a value of over £20, and get really good reviews?
  • Can you write plenty of helpful advisory or informational articles about your niche?

if your niche offers ALL of the above, then that is great news. If anyone of these is not ticked, then pick another niche. Keep going until you find out that meets each of the criteria above.

Then start writing and that really is all there is to it.​

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I am an Amazon Affiliate and understand the importance of having converting content on my own websites. When I write my PLR product reviews this is what I have at the front of my mind. High quality content that converts.