UK Amazon Affiliate Mindset - Success vs Failure and Pain

Do you really have the right mindset to become an Amazon Affiliate? I only ask this question because thousands of people think they do.There are quite literally thousands of people who try this method as a way of making money online.

99 out of 100 who try fail miserably.

It is quite a staggering statistic and one that I find very hard to believe. That said, having done a lot of research in this area, the statistic is probably even worse than that. It would be fair to state that very few people make enough to live on as a UK Amazon Affiliate.

There are a few who do really well. There are many others who claim to do well but simply lie about it. Typically these people are trying to sell you something, and you should of course avoid them if you can.

What Is the Number One Reason for Failure?

LACK OF FOCUS - This takes many forms, but generally falls under the classification of no focus, or not enough focus. Almost everyone who wants to try this, truly starts out with the very best intentions in the world. Few ever get to completing their early promise.

Below I have listed a number of ways how this easily happens:

  • Already working full or part time and not enough time to actually work on the website
  • Wanting to learn about everything and not actually doing anything that builds the website
  • Course Hopping - chasing the next big online money making thing
  • Being lazy and constantly making excuses for not getting things done
  • Lack of belief - it might work for you but it doesn't work for me

I apologise if some of this sounds harsh, but it is exactly what I have found when coaching other students.

I have heard MORE EXCUSES than a school teacher for grown ups not getting things done. The sad thing is that these excuses come from adults who should know better.

The video below illustrates exactly what the problem is.​

You can see from this that in almost every single case, people either don't need this to work or are looking for the "easy money." I remember to this day my first Amazon commission.

Someone bought a drill from one of my websites and I made £2.04 in commissions. That was the day I knew I could make this work.

To get there though I had written 40 articles (over 1,000 words each) and spent over 100 hours building my website.​ Needless to say I have sold many drills since that day.

My mindset however, when I had finished writing 39 articles and made nothing, was the complete reverse of my joy at making my first couple of pounds. It was the move from fear to certainty.

Amazon Affiliate marketing is a terrible thing to do if you want fast money, and also if you want easy money.

Identifying the Failure Types of People

Please note that the next sections of my article are not intended to hurt or offend anyone. They are however the truth, and these are things that you should consider, before making any decisions on your Amazon Affiliate career.

Is Lack of Money A Good Excuse?

the money mindset

I don't like excuses of any kind. Each one of us will have difficulties along the way.

There could be genuine time constraints, some could have difficulty with the technical side, and others could struggle with their writing.

Money, or the lack of it, is often used as an excuse. In reality you only need about £200 a year to run a Amazon Affiliate website, or a few of these websites. I appreciate that may be hard for a tiny minority of people. For the vast majority it is really not an issue at all.

It does sound like a very good excuse though for sitting on one's hands and not actually doing anything. The excuse used here is that you don't want to spend any money in case this doesn't work.

The strange thing is that this is true. If you don't want to pay for a domain name and some basic hosting, it will not work.

The Addictive Course Buyer

You would be staggered to know the number of people who buy multiple courses. This action helps, MOMENTARILY, to lift them to a place where they just MIGHT be successful.

By making yet another purchase, they have opened up a chink of light to possible success.

Will They Follow Through and Take Some Action?

No they will not. In about 3 months time they will come back and buy another course. The next one might be better and easier than the last one.​ It will give them another fix when they need it.

I have personally trained 10 people and showed them individually how to make a website. 2 out of those 10 now make money as an affiliate.

4 out of the 10 are course hunters. They quite literally love learning new things. They probably know more about making money online than I do, but yet they have never made a penny.

These people are called information gatherers, and although my 4 people were lovely people, they just wanted to learn and learn and learn.

course buying addict

People who constantly buy courses are looking for that momentary release from the day job or the routine boredom. In addition to that some of them are also lazy, and are not interested in getting their computer on and doing some work.

Let's face it is easier to watch a video and take some notes, than to write a boring product review about a washing machine. They feel they are learning, becoming more educated and that their time is being well spent.​

The reality is that they would like to have more money, but right now, they are probably surviving pretty well.  There is no real incentive to do real work, and learning constantly allows them to believe they are working towards their goals.

The Truly Stupid Person​

This is a controversial heading for sure. I am not however referring to the intelligence of the person. I am speaking about the person who already knows everything.

They buy a course, listen to a webinar, and then comfort themselves that not only did they know that content, but they actually know more.

It does beg the question, "why watch stuff you already know?" The same reason applies in that it makes them feel better for a short moment in time.

There are also people who just continually ask stupid questions.  Instead of focusing on the task in hand, they read about something and want to diverge off in that direction.

It's OK for You - It Never Works for ME​

This is an excuse that I hear all of the time. There is only one thing stopping you from breaking through and that one thing is YOU. I make my full time living as an Amazon Affiliate and it pays well.

More importantly it gives me the freedom to work when I want, take holidays when I want, spend my time as I want and really enjoy life.

amazon affiliate success

Unless Amazon disappear or remove their Affiliate Program, I will be in a great position for a very long time. I am also working on a back up plan in case that does happen.

You can be as successful as you want to be. You just have to do the work and stop reading stuff, buying courses and chopping and changing. If you can write 50 articles on a topic you are 70% of the way to success.​

This is about belief and really about believing in yourself. I can't make that happen but you can.​

How to Check for the Right UK Amazon Affiliate Website Mindset?

There is a really simple test that will determine your success as an Amazon Affiliate. 

Can you write fifty 1,000 word articles on a topic that you like?

If you can do that, before doing anything else in terms of building a website, then you will succeed. It isn't a challenging thing to do. It is however pretty boring and most people simply can not make this happen.

If having read this you are in any doubt if you should try this or not, then write out one single article of 1,000 words, and see how long it took to do. Then pause and think could I repeat this task 50-100 times over a few months?

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