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This article will show you how to pick a UK type Amazon Affiliate domain name for your website. People tend to spend a long time deliberating over this decision. There really is no need to spend a lot of time doing this.

Look at the most successful websites on the Internet such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo etc and you can see that it really is just a name. If you own a business then most people simply pick a domain name​ as close to that as they can.

​There is a lot of information out there as to what you should have as a domain name. In my humble opinion most of it is a load of old flannel. Some "gurus" just like to make things sound complicated.

Let's deal with some of the myths out there.​

Exact Match Domain Names​

Let me define what an exact match domain name is. Say you were building a website about car polish reviews. The exact match domain name would be​ Now if you are lucky it may be free. Sometimes you may have to pay a bigger fee for this type of domain as the domain owners know this is a good domain name.

When I checked this one it just happened to be available as you can see below.

domain name

In most cases though a domain like this will already be taken. People then start to worry that someone has a better domain than they do. In reality though a good domain name with rubbish content will never rank in the search engines, so do not worry about it.

There is a sense that having an exact match domain like this gets a higher ranking by the search engines. That may be the case, though I have never seen any real evidence of that.​ Some of my websites do have an exact match domain, and some do not. They all rank pretty well, irrespective of the domain name type..

So my thoughts are this - if it is available I would take it, if not, I would simply take another one. Either way it is not really a big deal.

Branded Domains​

This is another fancy term for a domain that is supposed to represent your brand. Now again if you are Walmart, Apple or Boots I do understand that. However for little old me sitting behind my laptop, my brand is not that important to anyone other than me.

If for example the car polish domain above was not available, I could use something like or or​,

Hopefully you can see that it is easy to come up with a good domain name. The only thing I would say is try to keep it short and sweet. People remember simple domain names and not ones like​

​Dot Com, Net, Org or something else

In the UK I do use as that represents the country I am in. For US people dot com works best. As we are going to be building a UK based website, it is always better to use the country domain name. In this case it will be a For example if we were building a website on ice cream makers, we could use something like, or a branded bane such as

Once again this is not a really big deal, so pick something with a nice sound to it, and forget all of the other noise.​ The important thing is to pick something related and catchy that is not too hard to remember.

Where To Buy Your Domain Names?​

You need to buy this from a domain registration service. There are plenty of those available. Two of the most popular are Namecheap and GoDaddy. I buy all of my domains at GoDaddy as I have always found them to be very good.​

They have a good customer service if and when you need them. I also find it handy to have them all in the one register. It means you can log into one dashboard and easily manage them all. From there you can set the name servers, check and edit expiry dates etc.

How Long Should You Buy a Domain Name For?​

This is a question that I am asked a lot. You can buy a domain name for a number of years, usually anything between 1-5 years. Some SEO experts state that if you buy a domain name for a longer period, it helps with ranking in the Google search engine.

In other words, their assumption is that, Google checks how long the domain name has been registered for, and they know you are more serious if it has been registered for longer. There is a certain logic to that, but I have no idea if it is true or not.​

When starting out I registered my domain name for a year​. That was because I didn't have a lot of money to spend. If the website worked then when it came to renewal time, I renewed it for a longer period of time.

I would suggest that you do the same.​ You might not like this whole Internet Marketing thing and want to give up. Why pay for something for 3 years, if you get fed up with it after just one year.

How Much Does A Domain Name Cost?​

How long is a piece of string would be easier to answer. There are always offers on depending on the time of year. A single domain name can cost anything from £1 to £7​ per year. If you buy it for a longer period of time, it gets discounted.

It is always done on an annual basis. When I am working it out I assume £7 for the first year, and then £7 a year after that. Hopefully you will be making enough so as it will not really matter a lot.​

What Other Features Do You Need for a Domain Name?​

Buying the actual domain name is pretty easy. You sign up for a free account and enter your credit card details.​ Then you can buy your domain name. During that process you will be offered a few options, so let's discuss those.

Auto-Renew - This means that your domain name is set to auto-renew when the expiry date approaches.​ It means if you forget, or have no access to the Internet, then the domain registrar will renew your domain and charge your card on file. I like to do this with my domains as I can be forgetful.

Privacy - ​Domain registrars offer this option as a means of protecting your private information. When you buy a domain name people can check to see who owns it. if you want to keep that information out of the public domain, then it is worth an extra few dollars to have this included. It isn't that expensive and I think your privacy is worth it.

Protected Registration - ​This is another paid for service. This protects you from expiry dates being missed, or if your credit card on file had expired. It also protects you if someone tries to transfer a domain name by using a transfer process without your knowledge. It is not something that I have or feel I need.

Certified Domain - ​This makes websites look more trusted and valid. It is mainly used by businesses who sell products online. For Amazon Affiliates this is not that important.

SSL Certificate - Again another means of being able to do secure transactions on a commercial website. Not important for Amazon Affiliates​

For most Amazon Affiliate websites, buying a domain and privacy is really all that is needed.​

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