Enda McLarnon

My name is Enda McLarnon, and I am the owner of this website and here are a few things about me:

  • I am semi-retired having previously worked as a Sales Manager for a Telecommunications company
  • These days I make my full time income as a UK Amazon Affiliate
  • I currently have 10 Affiliate Websites up and running and doing really well
  • I have recently completed a case study for the UK Amazon website. You can read that case study by clicking here.
  • I believe that the key to my success has been writing high quality articles that convert visitors to buyers

When I was building my own collection of UK Amazon Affiliate websites there were two main things that I needed to consider a lot. Those were the amount of time that I had available, and how much I could afford to spend.​

Many potential affiliates know they would like to build one of these websites, but when they begin, they maybe don't consider just exactly what is involved. None of it is complicated, but there is a lot to consider for sure.

  • Which market or niche should I enter?
  • What domain should I buy and what hosting should I use and how do I set all of that up?
  • Should I use WordPress and how do I set all of that up?
  • What plug-ins should I use and why?
  • What theme should I use for my website/blog?
  • How do I do keyword research to get the best results
  • What content do I write and how long should this be?
  • Where can I find images and how to I use them?
  • Should I use internal and external links?
  • What are back links and how do I get them and use them?
  • What social stuff do I need to do?

Clearly all of these are important in their own individual way. However of everything that you may have to do, two of the above are more important that anything else:

  • Pick a niche that you really like
  • Write Quality content and publish on a regular basis

If you pick the wrong niche where there are no Amazon products and/or you have no knowledge about, then your website/blog is doomed from the outset.

However if you get that selection correct, the only thing that matters after that is to have quality, engaging, interesting and converting content on your website. When a visitor comes to your website and reads a product review you want them to read your article, find it informative, useful and help persuade them to go over to Amazon and buy the product.

This is known as conversion. The more visitors you get to Amazon the more money your website will make in commissions.

Why Listen To Me?

Well I have my own very successful Amazon Affiliate websites. I earn a lot of money from those and have a regular cheque coming in from Amazon every single month.

The content that I write there converts really well. I update those regularly and to be honest the sites that I own are all that I will ever want to have. Maintaining and updating 10 websites is enough for any one person.

I do however want to mention that I started out with one website. After that, and when I found out how it worked, I then starting added a few more. It took time, but the time investment was well worth it. 

And so this website was born. I basically want to show people how to build Amazon Affiliate websites that work. You can learn how I do this for free on this website. I do have an Amazon course that is on sale for £149. However you can read how I do this right here for nothing.

The course itself is a set of videos where I build an Amazon Affiliate website. I show exactly how I do this step by step so as you can follow along.

This Website vs My Course

On the website I explain each step of the process. I have tried to make it very easy to follow along. Please feel free to do that. If you follow what is on here, I have no doubt you will be successful.

The course covers the same material. The only difference is that you can see me go through each step. I charge for this because it took quite a bit of time to pull all of that together. It is a product that I am very proud of, and you get to see a successful UK Amazon Affiliate website being built from start to finish.​