How to Become a Successful UK Amazon Affiliate

So you want to be an Amazon Affiliate in the UK? and more importantly you want to be a successful one that makes lots of commissions. Well congratulations for taking the first step because that is exactly what I want to help you with.

To be a successful Amazon Affiliate you will need a website. You then need to find a market or niche (some type of topic) to build your website about. After that you need to find out what to write about, and how to write it.

Then there are the small technical details such as getting a domain name and hosting and adding a content management system like WordPress. After that you need to get website pages written, and articles on your topic written. Then you do some internal links, some Affiliate links and then you can start to earn some good Affiliate commissions.

Initially that may sound a little complicated, but believe me, it is a great deal easier than you may first imagine.​

Amazon Affiliate Business

The type of website that is required has changed a lot over the past 2-3 years. 5-10 years ago it was much easier than it is today. There are a few reasons for that which I have shown below:

  • More and more bigger competitors in the UK market​ - these are really large media companies with plenty of money and plenty of resources
  • Continued updating by Google and other search engines - the way the majority of search engines rank websites changes almost daily. This is a hugely complex area but suffice to say sites that would have ranked a few years ago no longer do that
  • Getting tougher to get noticed - Amazon affiliate websites now need to be unique and different to attract and retain visitors.

I will cover much of this later on, but at this stage, it is important to understand that you can still make good money, but you do have to go about it in a slightly different way.

There are a few slightly different ways of going about this:

  • Method 1 - Right from the start you can do this all by yourself if you know what to do - I call this the DIY approach
  • Method 2 - You can get different parts done for you and fill in the blanks - I call this The Project Management Style
  • Method 3 - You can get it all done for you and can then get more done or add to what you have already got - The Paying Option

1. The DIY UK Amazon Affiliate

amazon affiliate diy approach

This is for the person who wants to learn the entire process, write all of the content and pull everything together.

It is many ways like learning to fish. The old proverb says it all, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

If you are the person who wants to learn how all of this works then you need to understand fully, just one simple thing:- You need to learn how to build a single website that will make you good and regular Amazon Affiliate Commissions.

Once you know how to do that once, then you can build out the one that you have, or build as many more as you like.

Learning how to do that is an investment in yourself and when you learn it, and put it into practise just once, then you can do it over and over again.

This is the one method that eats up a LOT of your time, but you don't need much money and once you learn the process then you can repeat as often as you want or need to.​

2 The Project Manager UK Amazon Affiliate

​Some people either don't know how to, or simply hate all the technical parts of creating a high quality website. This includes buying domain names, setting up hosting, installing WordPress, plugins, themes and all that technical stuff.

If that was done for them then they are quite happy to write the content.

Others do know how to do the technical parts so they may choose to pay someone else to write the content and simply manage how this is published.

The bottom line with this method is you will need to pay someone to do the technical parts. If you want to get content written you will have to pay a writer. Your main role is to pull all of the information together to complete the project of building out the website.

3. A UK Amazon Affiliate - The Easy Way

pay someone to build your website

​This is for people who just want a website done for them including all of the content. They can then just watch the commissions coming in or see how it was built and then copy that for a different topic.

Alternatively they can just get more websites built and continue expanding their empire.

So you could for example pay for hosting and domains. You could then pay someone to install WordPress and do the basic set-up. You could then pay to have content written, and have an assistant trained to do all of the other work.

This is the very expensive option but also the one that takes very little time to do. You focus on managing the build out of the websites and pay other people to do all of the grunt work.​

It's a Business - NOT a Hobby

business not a hobby

I admit that this headline sounds cheeky. It is meant to be and I do apologise if people take that the wrong way.

Sadly many people venture into being an Amazon Affiliate as some little thing to do on the side. They are not sure if it will work or not so they almost play around with it.

If you build affiliate websites properly the rewards are immense, and you have true passive income coming in month after month. It is however not a business model for those who like to dabble. It is also not a business model for those who like to come up with excuses.

It is super inexpensive to start a business like this. You do however be prepared to spend some money on getting the required items like domains, hosting, and a good theme. All in that will cost you about £200 a year, which is less than £20 a month.

Only ever venture into this if you are willing to spend £200 a year, and spend about 5-6 hours a week working on just this one thing. If you are not prepared to do that, then honestly my advice would be not to bother, as you would be wasting your time and money.​

I have found that you also need to have patience - it takes about 9 months before you make a cent.​ The money does come though once you make your initial breakthrough.

This is honestly where the vast majority of people fail to make a penny. Those who do make it are willing to spend a little money, work hard at writing their content, and have the faith to keep going, even when nothing id happening and they aren't making a single penny.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing for Amazon UK

Few people take the time to really understand what the role of an Amazon Affiliate really is and they can then get frustrated when they find that this money making method does not work for them.

Amazon Affiliate Job Description

amazon affiliate job description

​I am going to start with your Amazon Affiliate job description. Think of a really good sale's person in a store that you use or go to regularly. You now want to become that very person.

I buy the majority of my clothes in one store because the lady there gives me good honest advice, does not push sales down my throat and helps me make some great purchases. Every now and then she also gently persuades me to pick up something extra that I had no intention of buying.

​Now as an Amazon Associate you will not have that face to face contact but you will have a website. Your job there is to help visitors to your website make a purchasing or buying decision, and buy a product over at the one of the best commercial websites in the world known as Amazon.

​If you can get them over to Amazon and they buy something, then you get paid a nice commission for your work. You do not have to post any products out, deal with any customers, deal with any complaints or do any other work other than convince them to buy at Amazon.

​Amazon will give you affiliate links with your own ID in them and they are usually valid for 24 hours. If they buy something and I mean anything during that period, you earn a commission. Around 60% of the sales that you actually make have nothing whatsoever to do with the purpose of your website.

The key learning point is that you should never try and sell them anything.​ Your job is to inform them about the market or niche you are in, and then guide them to their ultimate buying decision.

Example - ​Let's assume your niche is sewing. You want to tell them what sewing machines are available. All you need to do is create a good buying guide, include a top 10 list and then recommend one, based on the ratings and value for money.

You could also write an article on how to thread a needle as some people just don't know how to do that. That user will find it very helpful and most likely come back to your site to find out more.​

The Amazon Affiliate Website Building Process

Before looking at the steps required, it is so very important to have the right mindset. I have completed an article on that, and I would recommend reading that when you have finished with this page. You can browse back to here and click this link to the Amazon Affiliate mindset.

This is a 12 step process and it is not complicated as it may first seem:

Yes it sounds very simple and in fact it is. It is however a lot of work and the majority, especially the writing element, can be boring and even more so if you don't like writing.

​I have built quite a few Amazon Affiliate websites and it takes about 400 hours of work if you do everything yourself. Now that is a fair amount of work and if anyone tells you that it is either easy or fast, then they are telling you a pack of lies.

Below I have broken down each step to give you a general understanding of the work that is involved. Let's have a look at each in a little more detail so as you understand what these mean in terms of cost and money.

Approaches to Building an Amazon Affiliate Website

​Just a quick reminder, there are three basic approaches you can take.

  1. Build one good quality website by yourself and learn the process and put the hard work in.
  2. Learn the key component parts of a building a website, write the important pages and posts and outsource the writing of all the other supporting posts or articles.
  3. Learn how it all works, outsource all of it and just act as the person who pulls it altogether.

My strong advice is to do the first one. That way you can learn how everything works. You can also understand the entire process from end to end. Even if you only do this for the first 30-40 articles, you can then truly understand what is involved.

When you feel you have learned all of that, then you can start to outsource the written content.

Avoid the Fool's Gold - What Not to Do

  • Forget about building small websites as they just do not work. Websites with 20-30 articles may earn you a little but just never enough.​
  • Forget about building a lot of websites. If there is just YOU, then trying to manage any more than 2-3 websites when starting up is a path to disaster. You will never have the time and everything gets rushed and is usually pretty low quality.
  • Do not listen to those who tell you that this is either easy, fast or cheap. It is NONE of those. It takes time for a new website to rank, usually 6-9 months. You need to know exactly what to do and avoid guess work. You need to buy certain tools to make this process work.
  • Run a country mile from automated websites that show you how to build an Amazon Affiliate website in minutes and then set those up by scraping content off Amazon - they just do not work in the longer term.

My Amazon Affiliate Training Course

On this website I am going to explain method 1. This will be how to set up a 40-50 page website that will make you around £500 every month. The information below is very important to understand and I need you to be crystal clear on this.

You will make nothing in the first 3 months, not a single penny. From around month 4 to 6 you will start to see commissions coming in and slowly building. Between months 9-12 you should start to reach a figure around the £400-600 mark.

​No Internet Marketer can guarantee you certain earnings and if they do they are actually breaking the law. Any suggested earnings are based on what I have seen with my own websites, but that does not mean that there are any guarantees.

It would be highly misleading to do that to anyone and I would never want to be a person like that.

​Every single website that you build will earn you different amounts of commissions. I have some that earn around £100 a month and I have some that earn £1,000 a month. They both have 40-50 pages of good content yet one performs 7 times better than the other.

The bottom line is though that if you know how to do one of those, then you can build a few more and grow your earnings. If you prefer you could maybe just build one or two and then start to make those into bigger websites. It all starts with building one though so let's get started.

To do that, you can click on the links above, and follow each step. I have explained that in the 12 step process shown above.

Now I also have an actual course available, that includes the entire process in video. Although I have covered this in the 12 steps above, and that is available to anyone for free, I know that some people prefer to watch videos.

Those took me time to do, and I think are packed with some great learning. As they took me time to do, I do charge for those. I think they are well worth it, and you can find out more information below, on the actual course.​

What Is In My UK Amazon Affiliate Website Course?

You see me build a successful UK Amazon Affiliate website from start to finish. I show you each and every single step from beginning to end to setup, publish and have a successful Amazon website in your hands.

By clicking on the link below, you will be taken to my Amazon Course website. There you will see a lot more detail on what is available, at what I think is a very affordable price.​